A large part of the production focuses on special products. These include raw silk yarn, as well as dyed silk yarns in various gauges – partially available promptly from stock.


The following silk yarns are permanently in stock:


  • TRAM 20/22x3

  • TRAM 20/22x4

  • TRAM 20/25x6

  • ORGANZINE 20/22x2

  • Schappe silk, 120/2

  • Tussah silk


Our silk yarns can be delivered scoured according to customer specifications or weighted up to 35 per cent above par – in all colours and levels of fastness.Information about additional qualities is available upon request. Short delivery times (as of 7 days) are possible. Lot size: 0.5 kg – 1,000 kg per colour. 


The following qualities are readily available - dyed according to sample, Pantone colour, etc.:


  •  50 dtex /f48/500S

  • 110 dtex /f72/300Z

  • 100 dtex /f36/150S

  • 150 dtex /f48/400Z


Additional qualities can be provided upon request.



For the past 15 years we have been focussing on natural dyeing. This includes the dyeing of yarn - either on cross-wound bobbins, skeins or flocked yarns – and piece dyeing. 

As this sector is becoming increasingly economically important, our experience means we are a competent partner in this area. 


We dye the yarn we have in stock.


  • Organic merino Wool kbT (Nm 28/2) 

  • Alpaca (Nm 18/2)

  • Silk (Nm 120/2)

  • Wool/Silk (Nm 60/2)


Information about additional qualities is available upon request.


These qualities are all also available with synthetic, GOTS certified dyes!