All dyes are produced in our dyeing company in Vienna (23. District) using our own recipes and specially adapted machines. 


We use Reseda, madder root, cochineal, yellow wood, logwood, redwood and indigo for our dyes. In addition, we also use various mordants, such as tartar, alum, aluminium, iron and soda. 


On our colour charts and colour adjustments we include information regarding the expected colour-fastness. 


Free information is available to our customers regarding wash fastness 30°(60°) (using a pH-neutral detergent) including multifibre, as well as information on light fastness and a blue scale for their assessment; additional information on fastness is available for a fee. 


Note the following important care instructions for products dyed with natural colours: please use a pH-neutral mild detergent (liquid detergent, no powder). Synthetic dyes, fabric softeners or optical brighteners may affect the dye. 


In contrast to synthetic dyes, natural dyes cannot be precisely standardised. This may result in variations in fastness, as well as unevenness and irregularities in tone. 


This information offers an overview of our previous experiences. We will, however, always strive to find a solution for the respective product(s) purchased by our customer(s) on a case-by-case basis.